The Airspeed Consul Aircraft

Maintenance & Repair Manual. For Sale 60 (UK sterling) by Chaldon Books & Records, Surrey, England

page scan of Airspeed Consul Aircraft . page scan of Airspeed Consul Aircraft .

A 1946 loose-leaf, hardback manual, that would allow the machine to be assembled from crates & repaired.

The pages are in good condition, but the binding system uses thin string, which so some pages have become loose (see below)

page scan of Airspeed Consul Aircraft

Diagrams of wiring & hydraulic circuits, airframe construction, engine mounting, lubrication

Aircraft loading instructions & diagrams

28 Fold out diagrams, nearly all tri-fold (folds out 3 times book size)
62 Full Page Diagrams
320 pages

Some example pages, scanned from the book
1. Rigging Diagram of aircraft (tri-fold page)
2. Scan of two pages of the book, showing the Control Pedestal and Engine Mounting
3. Engine Mounting structure
4. Showing the internal construction of the Fuselage & Fin Structure of aircraft (tri-fold page)
5. A cut-away view of the Fuselage (a tri-fold page)
6. A view of the controls & equipment in the cockpit

Pilot flying instructions not given

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